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  • Hello, with all due respect I would like to talk with you about your excellent photos of Zylmex. And tell you that I am carrying out a project for a Zylmex Vehicle Identification Guide. This guide will only be informative about the different models and their variants. It will not be about valuation or prices. It will not be for sale nor is it to do business, that does not interest me, I only want to do it for collectors like you and I, we know all the different models that exist. For this project I have been collecting many photos from the internet and I would like to request your permission to use your photos in this guide. If you don't agree I will respect that. As I mentioned before, this guide does not have anyone's name nor will it ever be sold. I am not interested in this, just to publicize this beautiful brand of vehicles. I await your answer and hopefully you can help me in this huge project. Sorry for my english.

    This is my personal e-mail, please contact me....

      7 months ago