Porsche 911 C4S review...
Hi everyone, this is a review of a 5 month old Porsche 911 C4S turbo convertible.
This is, in the passenger seat.
My mums friends came round to drop something off and they came in a new 911. So being a car fanatic I had to go out in it. Inside it is so techy compared to the Jag and the BRM. The black leather seats and technology create a comfortable driving (or in my case, watching) experience.
This car is very fast aswell, it is a neck breaking experience if you are not used to it and from the inside you can hear the turbos spooling up as you put your foot down. I've never known anything as fast as that, and I've been in some fast cars.
Thank you for reading a small (I'm sorry) in the passenger seat!

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