searching the web for the Porsche 901 1963 Frankfurt/IAA introduction video, I camE across this, realizing THIS video is the essence of the AT_ D_TRB

A cross-country trip in a vintage, special-interest car is alway an adventure. And that describes the Automotive Traveler tribe, "Great Cars, Great Roads, Great Destinations, Great Enthusiasts." I hope that Mike McCauley (1987 930 Turbo), Michael Litt (1970 911E) and Devon Galloway (1988 911 Targa) don't mind me showcasing their video here on the AT_ D_TRB.

Watching this video I saw so many of the same places I visited on my own Ramblin' on Route 66 story, places like the classic In-N-Out Burger in Barstow, California, the Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo, Texas, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis Missouri, ending up in Chicago, Illinois, the official start of Route 66. And then the trio of Porsches make it the rest of the way home, to Kitchener, Ontario.

I believe that so many of the automotive TV programs on cable TV are utter rubbish. This is not. This defines and distills the AT_ Mantra, "Great Cars (vintage Porsche 911s), Great Roads (Route 66), Great Destinations (Santa Monica to Chicago and every place in between), Great Enthusiasts (Mike, Michael, Devon and true car guys like Magnus Walker)." Mike says at the end that seven days on a beach as a vacation is great, but an epic road trip such as this, with best friends, is so much better.

Watch this video to the very end, it its 47 minutes of unbridled and unrestrained automotive enthusiasm, automotive journalism at its finest. It is inspirational. It will make make you smile, it might even make you cry. It simply doesn't get any better than this.

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Santa Monica, California, to Kitchener, Ontario, in three classic, air-cooled Porsche 911s, an epic adventure. (From YouTube, youtube.com/watch?v=28hl_7zojy0&t=2435s, Taylor-Jackson Productions)

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