Porsche 911 RSR

it will be a mid engined Porsche

4y ago

This is the Lemans spec Porsche and it will be a mid engined Porsche so means this one has been built from the ground up ready to compete in the Lemans and Daytona.

The suspension, body structure, aerodynamics, engine and transmission are all completely new to comply with the FIA GT regulations. Engine wise it will have a 4.0-litre flat-six with pushing out 510bhp. To stop this car being dropped out of races with crashes with other cars (drivers fault or not) the car will also come fitted with Anti Collision which they say will help avoid Misunderstandings from fast approaching cars!

Porsche have said not to expect one of these mid mounted 911's on the road anytime soon as the rear engine is still the way forward for mass produced cars for Porsche.

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