- Porche 911 Soundbar Black Edition (Image Porsche)

Porsche 911 Soundbar Black Edition: the perfect Porsche Christmas gift

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The 911 Soundbar is a unique high-end 2.1 sound system with an integrated subwoofer, made of an original rear silencer and twin exhaust module from the Porsche GT3.

As with a 911, the Black Edition Soundbar is carefully finished by hand. It too, an exclusive design with matt black and shiny black elements.

The Black Edition Soundbar (Image Porsche)

This special edition of the 911 Soundbar is limited to just 911 pieces worldwide and made in Germany. Porsche have also added a limited-edition plaque with a sequential limited-edition number. They want this to be as exclusive as your limited edition Porsche 911.

Limited Edition of course (Image Porsche

A limited edition Porsche never comes cheap. The sound bar is on sale for £ 3,000 from Porsche. The perfect Porsche lovers gift - I think so.

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  • Would you buy this? At a lower price i would be tempted!

    11 months ago


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