- The Porsche 2.7 RS-powered 911 Targa used by Belgian gendarmerie (image Petrolicious)

Porsche 911: the coolest, fastest and rarest ex-Police car

A very unique 1976 Porsche 911 Targa has been restored to its former policing glory

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In the 1970’s the Belgian gendarmerie used Police cars including the likes of BMW’s 2002ti, and later on they used the Golf GTI and Volvo 240 Turbo. They were great cars. But then something better came along and everything changed.

In 1976 Porsche delivered to the Belgian Government the 2.7 RS-powered 911 Targa’s. At the time, the Porsche was the fastest police car in the world.

Porsche Police

Porsche Police

Officers had to undergo special training to be able to handle the rear engine machine, its weight and power. In 1976 they were super fast, today they are still fast and also very rare with only 3 of the 20 cars remaining.

To find one of these Porsches takes a lot of searching and checking. In the video from Petrolicious, Ari Epstein eventually uncovered an example of the rare 911. It had been stored away for over thirty years. After VIN checks and verification, it was confirmed that the car he had searched two years for was one of the iconic Belgian police cars delivered by Porsche in the 1970's. A great find and another great Porsche story.

A very rare and special 911 (Image Petrolicious.com)

A very rare and special 911 (Image Petrolicious.com)

Source: Petrolicious

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  • There is a super active Police Porsche club in the Netherlands. They participate in many classic car events with complete fleet of restored cars.

      2 years ago
  • Would you believe if I say there is a 70s Porsche 911 police car in Japan? And I’m not joking.

      2 years ago