Porsche 911 vs Black Forest Hochstrasse

Combine one of the greatest driving roads in the Black Forest, with a stunning (new) stretch of de-restricted Autobahn for driving heaven.

Ahhh the Black Forest and it's seemingly endless number of sweeping trails and deserted roads, a real drivers paradise, and for that reason, we run more driving tours and events here than anywhere else .

One of its finest roads is the northern stretch of the elevated Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, route 500. A road that combines glass smooth sweeping turns elevated above the forest and Rhine Valley, with a dramatic switchback run through the forest to Baden Baden. Last year we were lucky enough to head to the forest with a Simon Jackson from PorcscheGT who were writing a feature for us – credit for the pictures too

Contrasting the forest north to south, the southern area has a greater cluster of small mountain roads around the ski fields such as Feldberg. However, in the north, the roads tend to be wider and more sweeping in nature, with stunning panoramas. In our view, it’s this kind of road that makes an Ultimate Drive.

The Schwarzwald Hochstrasse runs almost the entire length of the forest, however the further south you get, the more it develops into a tourist route through villages. Therefore, the best stretch starts from Knebis and from here, heads north all the way to the spa town of Baden Baden (great overnight stop off point too). The initial stretch is fast, smooth and sweeping, with fantastic views on either side, and of course straight ahead - you need to watch you speed though as it certainly draws you in. Recently the limit was dropped from 100 to 70KM (too many biker accidents) so don’t drive the road if you are looking for a v-max experience only. Continuing north, a few stretches of the road take you through some fairly dense forestation, but even here, the road always remains wide, sweeping and fantastic to drive. Near its highest point around Hornisgrinde there are some wonderful elevated views, and plenty of lay-byes to park up and take in the views.

The final stretch of the Hochstrasse drops down towards Baden Baden, and at times feels like you are on a race track, the road goes deep through the forest with dozens of tight switchback turns, with race track barriers, it really is a great drive down all the way to Baden Baden. The only minus side is that route 500 this is a pretty major road so can (compared with other parts of the forest) be occasionally a little busier, but put that to one side as it's one of the easiest roads to overtake on, or, better still, plan your journey along it early morning, the views either side from it's elevated position are truly stunning, especially with an early morning mist settled across the forest!

If you then have the “need for speed” turn west from Baden Baden, head across to the A5 Autobahn south – this was recently totally re-constructed, with three lanes, and mostly derestricted as far south as nearly as Freiburg, and by our calculation, that’s almost 80KM. One word of caution though, if you are going to take in the Autobahn, make the drive on a Sunday when there are no trucks, totally transforms the experience.

As a final bonus, you know that Stuttgart is around 1 hours direct drive from Baden Baden, so you should definitely take in the Porsche Factory Museum as part of this trip.

Love to hear your thoughts and comments if you have driven the road recently! #Porsche #Porsche911 #BlackForest #911 #Stuttgart #ultimatedrives #greatestdrivingroads #GDR

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