"Porsche 911R" Spotted!

And now a short history on this super rare 19 unit production Porsche homologation special

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Click bait alert: although this looks like a 911R, it is unfortunately, just a replica. That aside, this replica was done incredibly well, as the only giveaway is the lack of a fuel cap on the left fender of the vehicle.

According to my friend, who is a walking encyclopedia on Porsches, specializing in the original 911, everything other than the missing fender fuel cap is completely spot on.

Conceived from an idea by Porsche engineers in 1966 to make a GT racing car, the Porsche 911R put its focus on power-to-weight ratio. Weighing in at just 800kg, the 911R shaved over 200kg from the standard 911s! The engine was nothing to scoff at either with an upgraded six cylinder engine producing 210bhp. All this meant the 911R could go from 0 to 60mph in just 5.9 seconds! A fast time even for cars today.

One of the ways the 911R lost weight was through extremely thin windows. The windows were made from 2mm plexiglass, which this replica gets completely right, while the windscreen was made of extremely thin 4mm glass. The interior also saw a complete makeover with any and all unnecessary items removed.

Unfortunately for this amazing piece of engineering, a combination of high sale price and economic recession in the late 60's meant the 911R could never reach the homologation goal of 500 units for the usual GT races. In the end, only 19 911R's were produced with 15 sold to the public.

While it did not meet homologation requirements for the normal GT races, it was able to participate in the GTP prototype races and beat the entire Alfa Romeo team and the Ford GT40 Mk III to reach an overall third. It also came in first in a Nurburgring endurance race in 1967 and performed extremely well in many other races.

Although not the real deal, seeing this iconic car on the street is certainly a sight to behold. Replica or not, this is still incredibly cool. What are your thoughts on this car? Have you heard of the 911R before? Comment your thoughts below and as always, thank you for reading!

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