- Porsche 917, 1968

Porsche 917

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The Porsche 917 was produced from 1968 to 1973. It was a racecar that gave Porsche it's first overall victory at Le Mans in 1970. There were some different versions of the car. For example the 917K (K stands for Kurzheck (german for shorttail)), 917L (L stands for Langheck (german for longtail)), 917/30 CAM-AM (CAN-AM stands for Canadian-American Challenge Cup) and some more. The 917 was one of the most successful cars in the 1970s. 

The car was powered by an air-cooled V12 cylinder mid-engine. 1969 the engines had 4.5l cubic capacity and 520hp. In 1973 turbochargers were added and the engines had a power output of 1100hp. 

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