Porsche 928 Found While House Hunting

The house was... okay I guess. The garage was my favorite though.

1y ago

I always think of Jeremy Clarkson and his love for the Porsche 928. It got him to his father before he passed away and the chicken was still warm once he got to the hospital. He also used one for a Top Gear Special and the classic TG budget Porsche episode. But seeing one actually driving down the roadway is a different experience. Seeing one in a garage is another story.

My wife and I were out house hunting to celebrate our third month of being married and as we cruised through the house, picking at how small it was and hating the strange smell we finally got to the garage. Once we opened the door... there it was. That big chubby rump with the enormous stretching side windows.

The Porsche 928 started life in the late 70's and you may be able to tell me exactly what year this is just by your Porsche trained eye (I'm a Cadillac guy so I'm not sure).

I opened the bonnet to reveal the "Propa Porsche" engine and the the enormous rear hatch to view the gas cans and other items the owner piled in there. "ITS EVEN FILLED WITH JUNK!"

I didn't check the door to see the year but I'm saying mid 80's.

It was great to see this car in the color too. It reminds me of my Cadillac Allante which was sprayed down in 1993 in "Verde Flax." 1 of 150... or so I'm told.

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