Porsche 935 Vs Ford GT40 - Classic Monsters attacking French Hills

Two Legends of Endurance Racing turned HillClimb Monsters

Today we go back to Turckheim Hillclimb 2020 where we were able to see 2 True Legends of Motorsport go head-to-head, one from the 70´s and one from the 60´s: Porsche 935 Silhouette A4 and the ´68 Ford GT40.

The German Classic Monster is a true Legend of Hillclimb Racing, built and driven by the Almeras Brothers in the late 70´s, thaking the Porsche 930 as base, having then its rear spaceframed, while using the bodywork of the 935 model and the 3.5L RSR engine. All this makes for a 400+Hp/900Kg Monster, built within the old Group 5 regulations. The Ford GT40 René Michon on the other hand is a the product of an ostensive rebuilt process of an original Ford GT40, retaining all the ingredients that made this LeMan´s legend special. With almost 400Hp from a mid-mounted Cast-Iron block V8 using Quad Carburettors and weghing only around 1000Kg, it is still a massively impressive (and good looking) machine.

In the end the Porsche ended up posting a 3:12​,372 best time while the Ford went on to achieve a 3:19​,952. Given the differences in preparation and the time separating the creation of both machines, we decided to not ficus on results, and rather at marveling at both these incredible Monsters that certainly stand the test of time....

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  • Porsche definitely looks more sure-footed, more "goes-like-slot car-around-the corner". Having said that, I don't know it's car itself or driver's skills.

      1 month ago