Porsche 944

2y ago


- The 944 has aged really well - better than the 924/8 in my opinion. Its 1980's boxy body and garish interior - once thought of as ungainly and dated - now ooze cool. Plus, I mean... its a Porsche! Bodywork is key, so spend to save in the long-term.

The 944 has been creeping for a while - you can get a good one for about £7k, and personally I'm very tempted.

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  • I've wanted a 944 for a long time and held it out as something achievable, but the prices have been steadily rising in my area. I can actually buy a 1st-gen Boxster for less than I can buy a decent (not perfect) non-turbo 944 around here.

    1 year ago
  • I was inches close from buying a `85 944 earlier this year. But then I found out that the car was involved in some shady business and one of the previous owners was possibly killed in it. I believe in karma, so I passed...

    2 years ago


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