- Screenshot from TheSketchMonkey's Youtube Video

Porsche 944 modern render makes you wish Porsche was still making it

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When the Porsche 944 came out it served a purpose for people who did not want a mid/rear engined sports car. Plus in my books this was Porsche's attempt to follow the car making rule book of engine in the front, transmission in the middle and all the power goes to the rear wheels. Do we wish it was still being made - Yes, I wish it was still being produced and I have a secret need to buy one, one day.

Well this did not stop TheSketchMonkey to fulfil a fans request to see a modern render of the 944. He starts at the three quarter rear view of the car. He keeps the basic structure of it, and modifies the tail to current Porsche style and makes some subtle changes to the front fender. I really did not like the rear wiper, and am very happy he removed it. All I can say is, it really is well made.

Screenshot from TheSketchMonkey's Youtube Video

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