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Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar racer sells for nearly $6 million

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At an auction held by RM Sotheby's this weekend, a Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar racer was sold for a record $5.945 million. This happened at RM Soetheby's Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction.

The was estimated to go for a figure between $3 million - $3.4 million. Clearly, the car brought more interest with it than originally thought.

The 959 was originally built for Group B class racing. Porsche had to build 200 road-legal examples of the 959 for it to qualify but the FIA cancelled the Group B series in 1986 after too many accidents which resulted in people dying. This didn't bother Porsche much as they had a spare fleet of 959's sitting at the factory, and so they entered the Paris-Dakar with them.

Just six cars were built for the Paris-Dakar, all with the same adjustable suspension and AWD system found in the Group B racer. There was one main difference between the 959 road car and Group B car. The Group B car ditched the twin-turbo flat-six in favour of a 3.2 litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine taken from a 911 Carrera.

The 959 Paris-Dakar in question competed in the 1985 rally but had a troublesome time. It did win two stages which is impressive but it eventually had to withdraw thanks to a ruptured oil line. The car retired from racing and then went into private ownership retaining the iconic Rothmans livery.

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