Porsche 991 GT3 Touring values are through the roof - Are we seeing another 911 R boom?

A 991.2 GT3 Touring just sold for $300k, so let's talk about that.

5w ago

Back in 2016 when Porsche announced the Porsche 911 R, it all kicked off. This was the one car to end all other driver's cars. It was lightweight, had a fantastic naturally-aspirated flat-six engine with the right amount of power, and it came with a manual gearbox. It was seemingly the perfect sports car, but it was impossible to get.

You were only elegible to get one if you were on Porsche's VIP programme which means you probably needed to own at least a 918 Spider to be within a chance of getting one. This meant that the grey market absoluteky blew up and values of 911 Rs were reaching as much as $500,000 which seems outrageous for a wingless GT3.

However, the same thing appears to be happening with the 991 GT3 Touring - the thinking man's 911 R. This came out just after the 911 R and annoyed many people who had paid over the odds for the 'R' as it was essentially the same car but for the fraction of the cost that almost anyone could have.

Anyway, Porsche made a fair few of these and values crept up slowly, but nothing major. But now, one just sold for $299,250 which means the market is likely to take off very soon. Is it really worth that much? That is debatable, but one thing is for sure, the market is going a bit mental.

If you are really smart, you will just go out and buy a manual 911 Carrera T before those values skyrocket too.

Do you think GT3 Tourings are over-valued?

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Comments (2)

  • The prices are booming because of people like me (except the ones buying have money) who think the 992 is 'not' good looking

      1 month ago
    • YES when the 992 looks amazing definitely the best looking generation of 911

        1 month ago