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Porsche 992 911 GT3: Here's Some Of It In Colour

Watch as Chris Harris takes a peep at bits of the front and back

13w ago

Chris Harris paid Porsche a visit in Weissach to loop under the veil of the new 911 (992) GT3. But before that, Andreas Preuninger showed him around Porsche's GT garage, where one of every known 911 GT and Cayman GT4 is stowed away.

Not only is TopGear's sneak peek twice as long as Carfection's, but it also manages to be the ultimate nerdgasm experience for fans of this variant of 911. It's got everything, from the 996 GT3 up until the big reveal 27 minutes through the video.

Preuninger remarks that this is a bit risky given the embargo hasn't lifted yet, but Harris being Harris, it's better to just let some things slip. Like the headlamps. And the wing. And some bits of the new shade of blue paint that I reckon will be the launch colour of the car. What a thing.

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