- The Porsche 992 under the skin (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche 992 cutaway shows some serious technology in the new 911

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Porsche launched their new 911 the type 992 last month. The new 'timeless machine' is wider, faster and more advanced then the previous generations.

The 992 911 (Image Porsche AG)

Some Porsche enthusiast have already started specifying and ordering their new Porsche. The thing is, most owners who order their new 911 now will not see delivery until mid-next year.

Porsche is now taking the specifications to another level. This is the stage of their marketing where they document all the key technology and engineering of the new type 992 911.

The new 911 has been well received at this early stage the exterior has been applauded, including the rear which was always a point of contention. To communicate their engineering and technology Porsche likes to cut-away a real 911. This is exactly what they have done with the new 992 generation.

The image below shows underneath the new wider rear and brake light. The cooling, suspension and aero is exposed and the wonder of the 911 engine is seen.

The 992 rear cutway (Image Porsche AG)

The cut away of the side panel shows the inner workings and structural components for safety.

992 911 door (Image Porsche AG)

The full side cutaway is shown below at Porsche's technology workshop. The cutaway 911 makes me think simplicity but at the same time it is more than meets the eye. You really start to appreciated what goes into the development of the new 911. Yes, it is different to the previous generations.

The new Porsche 911 (Image Porsche AG)

The front section shows the cooling, suspension and why the frunk (front trunk) is the size it is. The technology and battery have to live somewhere! The front wheel diametre is now smaller then the rear.

Front section of the Porsche 992 cutaway (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche has always been about evolution not revolution with the 911. Seeing the cutaway you can appreciated the changes that have to take place with each generation. Of course the exterior is what will first catch your eye, but it is the technology and engineering underneath the skin which makes the 911 so special.

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