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Porsche 997: the sixth generation 911

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From 2004, the Porsche 911 was available in more variants than ever before. Porsche customers could choose from a Coupé, Targa, Cabriolet or Speedster. Not only that rear or all-wheel-drive, with narrow or widened bodywork with water-cooled naturally-aspirated and turbo engines.

Increasing the number of variants were the limited and GT models. The GTS or the GT2, GT2 RS or GT3 or GT3 RS. Including the 997 special models, the range had a total of 24 model variants.

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Porsche 911 Generation 997

The new Carrera was already noticeably more masculine with more pronounced rear end, the width of the S, GT and Turbo models also grew.

The type 997 had steeper, round clear-glass headlights, marking a return to an important style element of the previous air-cooled 911 models. Most noticeably the very popular 993 generation.

The 997 underwent a facelift in July 2008, updated front end featured bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights were added. Additional changes included the rear LED lights and bumper design were also updated. Adding to these changes were engine and transmission updates, as well as an interior refresh with a redesigned PCM system with optional touch-screen hard-drive navigation and Bluetooth.

Porsche 997 facts and figures (Image Porsche AG)

My Porsche 997

I have owned a Porsche 911 since 2017. The 911 I choose was the 997. Mine is a base 911 Carrera and I couldn't be happier. Well, that is until I can purchase my 997 GT3.

My Porsche 997

My Porsche journey on YouTube


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