Porsche advent calendar #14: GT3 Cup shelf

1y ago


Give your home the downforce it badly needs with this original GT3 Cup rear wing. At once an ingenious storage solution and work of contemporary industrial art, mount it over the mantel piece for the ultimate celebration of form vs function or bulk buy for your forthcoming private Porsche library. #Porsche #Porscheadventcalendar

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  • Doesn't that mean that I have to put all the books on the right side? ( Given where the brake disc is vertical)

    1 year ago
    • Hi Atreya. You can move the disc, so you can switch it from left to right. Unlike our actual brake discs on our actual cars, which we wouldn't recommend moving from their intended...

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      1 year ago
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  • Uuuuuuuh so nice need one!

    1 year ago
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