Porsche Boxster: The Practically Free Sports car - Book Review

This is the ultimate Porsche Boxster guide for the German sports car enthusiast

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The Porsche Boxster is one of those cars which seems so financially distant to most people but in actual fact is far cheaper than we think.

Some of you may remember a year ago when I reviewed a book titled Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar written by the talented and extremely knowledgeable, Robert McGowan. Well, he has brought out a new book and has sent me a copy to check out, so let's see what it's all about then, shall we?

I was very intrigued to take a closer look at this book as I have driven a 981 Porsche Boxster S and it wasn't just any, it was my dads (and still is). This made this book even more interesting to read and I am sure my father will benefit from reading through it too since it's what he daily drives.

But it's an even better book for someone who is looking to buy a Boxster (of any generation) but doesn't know where to start. It talks about the vast history of the Boxster which includes things I never knew about it.

Such as, did you know Porsche took inspiration from the Mazda MX-5 to develop the Boxster? And did you know that the word Boxster derives from the words 'roadster' and 'boxer' put together?

Aside from the history behind the Boxster, this book includes meticulous detail about each and every generation of the Boxster and what you should look out for when buying each one as well as the better engines to choose in different years of Boxster.

I mean, if you want to get into a small sports car then this book should be your bible when buying a Porsche Boxster. And what makes it even better is that Robert has been through the buying process himself when he bought his 987 Boxster S, the same goes for his 911 book.

Now, the part you may have questions about is in the title where Robert claims it is a 'practically free sports car' but he is pretty much correct. If you buy a clean example with a good history and a good spec and care for it then you can sell it for the same price. Runnings costs aren't all that much either.

Of course, there is more to it than that, but that is why you should read this book. I hope to one day buy a second-hand Boxster and when that day comes, I will come back to this book and use it as a tool in order to choose the perfect one.

If you want to join Robert's Porsche FaceBook page then click here. And make sure to stay active, as he is releasing a brand new book in the comings weeks which you should look forward to.

If you want to buy this book then I have dropped the link below for you to check it out on Amazon!


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Comments (5)

  • My plan is to buy a boxster in the not too distant future so I have a feeling that book could be the answer to my prayers. I have been in 2 boxsters in my life both 986's and both truly phenomenal cars.

      27 days ago
    • They are fantastic cars. This book should definitely help too! Good luck.

        27 days ago
    • Thank you believe me I am looking forward to going shopping for it.

        26 days ago
  • I can’t wait to read it. My sort of book for obvious reasons. 😉

      27 days ago
  • Unfortunately, cheap/good value for money as they may be... I still won't be able to squeeze myself into one, they're not that spacious :-(

      24 days ago