Porsche breaks new car delivery record

Bucking the trend with global growth across the globe

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In the first six months of 2021, Porsche has delivered 31 percent more cars than during the same period last year. This amounts to an impressive 153,656 units across all model sectors and to all international markets.

The most successful model was the Cayenne with a sizeable 44,050 units delivered, a 12 per cent increase on this time last year. The Macan sits hot on its heels, however, with 43,618 cars delivered in the last six months, an even more promising 27 percent increase.

Meanwhile, the all-electric Taycan goes from strength to strength with 19,822 vehicles delivered from January to June, just under the number of sales across the entire of 2020. This puts the latest member of the Porsche family on a par with the 911, deliveries of which topped 20,611, a 22 per cent increase. The 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman accounted for another 11,922 units, up 33 per cent, while the Panamera surpassed that with 13,633 despite a more modest six per cent growth.

The all-electric Taycan is on a par with the iconic 911

The all-electric Taycan is on a par with the iconic 911

“We are extremely delighted with the high level of demand for our sports cars – the increase in deliveries in the first half of the year is above that of the overall market,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. “The rate of electrification is growing in all regions. This development confirms the path that we have taken with our drive strategy. In Europe, around 40 per cent of the cars currently being delivered have an electric motor – whether they’re a purely electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid. Our highest priority continues to be to fulfil our customers’ dreams.”

The US saw particularly strong growth for Porsche with a huge 50 per cent increase and some 36,326 cars imported. China remains the largest single market, however, with 48,654 customers taking delivery of a new Porsche in the first half of the year. Demand for two-door sports cars has recently grown significantly in China too, with the 911 seeing an unprecedented 83 percent increase in orders.

Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East market also performed well in the last six months with a 25 percent increase overall taking deliveries to 69,198. In Europe, Porsche recorded the same level of growth, with 40,435 units delivered, 13,094 of which were in Germany alone.

“After an intensive first half year in 2021, we can report a very positive result,” adds von Platen. “Our order books are full. At the same time, we are aware of the uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the semiconductor supply situation. We are continuing to keep a close eye on the overall situation while maintaining our optimistic stance.”

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