- The Porsche Cayman E-volution

Porsche Builds One-off Electric Cayman, But They Don't Plan To Sell It!

2y ago


Porsche have built an all-electric Cayman model, but have stated that there are no plans to sell it on the market. Instead, the car is a teaser to show off the company's upcoming, Tesla-beating technology.

The Cayman E-volution will remain a one-off, with Porsche's motive being to show off their electric power capabilities

The electric Cayman is a preview for Porsche's upcoming Mission E, which was commissioned for production back in 2015. The Mission E is planned to have a range of 300 miles and is claimed that an 80% battery charge will take just 15 minutes. The new model is due to be released in 2019.

This, one-off electric Cayman achieves a shorter range of 125 miles, but can reach 60MPH in just 3.3 seconds. Whilst the concept is a great idea, we don't want to lose the sounds you get from an engine! Porsche have tried to be clever with it's name, calling it the Cayman E-volution.

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