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Porsche Carrera 911 T and GT3 Touring: the sweet spot in the 991 generation

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In every 911 generation there is a sweet spot. A variant or variants of the 911 that Porsche comes up with something truly brilliant. This may not always be a new idea and in most instances Porsche is looking back through its history .

If you are not familiar with Porsche, there are two variants of the 991 that Porsche has got just right. The Carrera 911 T and the GT3 with Touring Package

GT3 with Touring Package

The GT3 is Porsche’s track-focused version of its 911 model, in saying that a lot of owners do not track their GT3. The GT3 RS is the hardcore version of the GT3. Anyway, that's another story.

The “Touring Package” name looks back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS from model year 1973. The GT3 Touring in a way is a more refined GT3.

Porsche GT3 Touring (Image Porsche AG)

The appeal of then GT3 Touring Package to most is that it loses the large iconic rear wing. Purists love it, as it is only available in a 6-speed manual transmission - no dual clutch PDK here. The Touring Package is setup to be more road focused and also a little more inconspicuous when needed.

Porsche GT3 Touring (Image Porsche AG)

The 991.2 GT3 touring in some ways was introduced by Porsche to adjust the speculative market they caused with the 911R. The 911R was a purists 911, to which only 991 were available. The similarities between the GT3 touring and 911 R are unavoidable .

911 Carrera T

The 911 Carrera T is a focused 911.

It is based on the standard Carrera but give some extra equipment and weight savings from Porsche. The modern car also looks back to Porsche's history as it is inspired by the original 1968 911 T. Porsche introduced the T provide a driver experience that was better than the base Carrera or Carrera S.

911 Carrera T (Image Porsche AG)

Unlike the GT3 Touring, the Carrera T is also available in a dual clutch automatic PDK transmission. It can be specified in manual and this would be my choice. The T features a seven-speed manual gearbox with shorter ratios and is the sweet spot for this end of the 911 range.

The Carrera T (Image Porsche AG)

The T inherits some of the GT-style weight reduction. The glass is thinner on the rear and side and you have the option to delete the sound system. Inside the cabin the weight reduction continues with the fabric door pulls, bespoke textile sports seats and no rear seats. All up if you buy the Carrera T in its standard form you will save 20kg compared with the standard Carrera.

The Carrera T also sounds good. It comes standard with Porsche’s Sports Exhaust system. Rear wheel steer is also available on the Carrera T a first for a base Carrera.

How do they drive?

The Carrera T and the GT3 Touring are at either ends of Porsches pricing. Could the T be the affordable GT3 Touring? Both, no doubt are great sport cars. So different, yet at the same time so similar.

Knowing the key specifications and how they look is one thing but how do they drive? In the video below we see them driving back to back on one of the best roads in Los Angeles.

The video from Matt Farah really does provide a good overview and feel of both models. Which focused 911 would you be happy with? The Carrera T or the GT3 Touring. It is hard to choose.

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