Porsche Cayenne Coupe launched in the Middle East

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I’ve never really understood the point behind SUV Coupes. I mean, you buy an SUV for space, you buy a coupe to look good, but an SUV Coupe? You buy an SUV Coupe to compromise a little on space and a lot more on looks. So, why bother, anyway? But it turns out, the world thinks otherwise and so, Porsche introduced the Cayenne Coupe.

And now, Porsche has finally decided to bring it’s latest SUV creation to the middle east. This new Coupe iteration further extends the Cayenne SUV line-up by adding a unique flavour, comprising of unusual body structure, two different roof concepts and a minuscule increment in performance.

The Cayenne Coupe has been made available in three different iterations - Coupe, S Coupe and Turbo Coupe. While the standard Coupe features the same turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, good for 340hp and 450Nm, as seen in the standard Cayenne, the rest two come equipped with slightly different motors and uprated power outputs.

The S coupe features a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 whereas a thumping 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 does duty in the range-topping Turbo Coupe. While the former puts out 440hp/550Nm and can crack the ton in 5 seconds flat, the latter can do the same in just 3.9 seconds due to the output figure of 550hp and 770Nm of torques. Max out, the S Coupe will do 263km/h whereas the Turbo Coupe will run out of breath at 286km/h. But no matter which one you choose, Porsche’s performance Sport Chrono Package along with the eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox comes standard across the entire Coupe range.

More of what comes standard is present inside the cabin, including the likes of the Porsche Advanced Cockpit, an instrument cluster with two seven-inch full-HD displays along with a 12.3-inch full-HD infotainment screen. While Porsche hasn’t compromised much on the equipment being offered, they did do so with the headroom.

Hence, to offset the effects of a lower roofline, the German carmaker has lowered the rear seats by 1.18 inches. If you’re afraid of having a restricted view from the rear, jump to the front seats which are new eight-way electrically-adjustable sport seat units.

By looking at the front end if you’re wondering whether the Cayenne Coupe possesses any exterior styling modifications except the sloping roofline, you would be looking at the wrong place. Except for the front end, all other body panels have been redesigned. The rear doors and wings, for instance, have been broadened by 18mm. The roof now sits 20mm lower, but the car itself is 13mm longer. The number plate has been integrated to the rear bumper. And the roof now features an active spoiler!

Speaking about the roof, the Cayenne Coupe comes with a lovely 2.16-metre-square panoramic fixed glass roof as standard. If transparency is something you don’t fancy, you can get your Coupe equipped with the optional contoured carbon roof.

Optional extras are something a Porsche can never be exhausted. This Cayenne Coupe is nothing different. Big pocket customers will have the option to opt for new weight-reduced 22-inch GT Design wheels or decide their seat centres or opt for carbon and Alcantara accents in the interior.

Buyers opting for the top-end Cayenne Turbo Coupé will have an additional checkbox against their options list, called the sports exhaust system. And if you comprise this group, tick against the last box blindly because the world needs to hear the V8 rumbling, much more now than ever.

If you, unlike me, prefer to have this compromise between space and looks in your garage, Porsche is asking AED 335,900, AED 396,800 and AED 598,700 for the Cayenne Coupe, S Coupe and the Turbo Coupe respectively. Porsche is currently accepting orders for the Cayenne Coupe at the Porsche Centre Dubai and Northern Emirates with deliveries said to commence soon as well.

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