Porsche Classic will now build you a one-off bespoke dream car

Fancy a professionally finished bespoke Porsche? This may just be for you.

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If you are one of those many salty people who didn't make it onto Porsche's PTS list with your purchase, or you bought a car second hand which isn't quite to your dream spec, then this news may just be for you.

Porsche Classic - a department run by the giant Porsche umbrella which specialises in taking care of old Porsches has now started a new programme much like PTS.

This is part of Porsche's Sonderwunsch program which aims to create one-off cars for its customers. Through this, Porsche are welcoming customers to bring in their new or old cars to be fully-customised to their dream spec. Customisation typically involves transforming the materials in the interior or refinishing the exterior paintwork, but upgrades to the powertrain and suspension components are also now possible.

Porsche say they can do pretty much anything within reason, so don't go asking for a Veyron engine in your 912 because they simply won't do it. However, they have said a water-cooled 930 could be possible if that's something you wanted done.

A typical build could be something like a 997-generation 911 GT2 RS painted in a brand new colour with upgraded suspension and a new interior.

An example of one done before - this one being a Carrera GT.

An example of one done before - this one being a Carrera GT.

Depending on the size of the project, the creation process can take up to a year and can cost over $100,000, according to Porsche - but are you really surprised? Porsche then expects the builds to take around two to three years, especially if it involves suspension or powertrain components.

Porsche will begin this year by building around three to five one-off customer cars and have already said two are already in progress. If this is something you are interested in taking a closer look at, then you should get in touch with your local Porsche dealer for more information.

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  • Well done Porsche! Can you's now do what VW did, and create an affordable fun fastish golf gti sort of Porsche, which the masses can purchase? Thaaaanks!

      1 month ago
  • Only for the rich

      1 month ago
  • 959

      1 month ago
  • #goals

      1 month ago
  • It's interesting that they let you customize it. I think most classic programs will only restore it to original spec. Ferrari's program wouldn't let you change the color, would they?

      30 days ago