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I'm not really a 'gamer' as I am now the wrong side of 40. I had the first PlayStation back in the 1990's but the only reason why I have a PlayStation 4 in my house now is because I have an 11 year old son. And it's his life. There's no games that really appeal to me anymore, but there was a piece of news from earlier this year that did pique my interest. Gran Turismo will feature Porsche. For the first time.

Porsche AG had a rather silly contract that basically precluded any Porsche model from being in any of the cool games on PlayStation, X-Box, etc - but that contract has finally ended and you can now find Porsches in Forza 7 and now the new Gran Turismo Sport that launches in October. Until now, the only way that Sony could get the 911 silhouette in to a game was to partner with RUF (which is no bad thing), and we do hope they keep that relationship going too. The Gran Turismo 'Sport' game does focus on track/race cars so it doesn't look like there will be a full compliment of P cars in the game but it will definitely have the 991.1 GT3 RS, 991 RSR, GT4 Clubsport and 919 Hybrid. I'm personally hoping they also add some classics such as the K3 and 917 plus the latest road cars in the shape of the 991.2 GT3 and GT2 RS.

The game launches October 17th 2017 so be sure to buy yourself a decent race wheel and pedals to make sure you enjoy this Porsche-inclusive car game - we've waited 20 years for this! Enjoy some screen grabs below from the game.

If you're not a PlayStation chap, you can already enjoy Porsche in Forza 7 Motorsport on the X-Box. Widely regarded (I'm informed) as one of the best racing games on any platform. And Porsche hold that relationship in such high regard that they did the launch of their fastest ever 911 (and fastest ever production car) at the launch of the new Forza game at the E3 Expo.

As stated, I'm hoping that the Gran Turismo partnership will grow to include some other cars - probably as an expansion pack that will cost more? The Assetto Corsa game had a new expansion pack that included some fabulous Porsches - modern and classic. Including Moby Dick, 911 RSR, 918 Spyder and many other fabulous cars. Driving the 917 in first-person position is very special indeed, despite being very difficult to drive!

So there you have it - kick your teenage son out of the playroom and lay claim to the PlayStation. A new Gran Turismo is coming and it now includes Porsche. It'll certainly be the only way I ever get to pilot a 919 Hybrid.

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