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Porsche commissions ‘digital Taycan art car’ for a good cause

To celebrate its first fully electric and the most digitally advanced sportscar, Porsche Cars Australia has commissioned a bespoke Australian artwork.

The artwork, designed by contemporary artist Nigel Sense, was transformed into a vehicle livery on a new Porsche Taycan, before being photographed to create three unique digital works of art in the form of multimedia photographs.

In collaboration with the German NFT collectibles start-up Fanzone.io, the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be auctioned, starting from 7 December 2021 at 7:00pm AEDST via the online platform SuperRare.com, a digital art marketplace using Ethereum technology.

Forming part of the celebrations of 70 Years of Porsche in Australia, this collaboration represents the first digital artwork project based on the blockchain technology Ethereum for Porsche in Australia.

The NFTs were minted in a carbon neutral way by offsetting them via the Porsche Impact program, and proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. The result is the reflection of natural and modern Australia, linking heritage with the future.

An integral part in transforming Sense’s artwork on the Taycan into the realm of NFTs is attributed to photographer Derek Swalwell. Swalwell’s name is synonymous with the photographic representation of the architectural landscape in Australia and beyond.

The location chosen for the three multimedia photographs highlights the commonality with the Taycan in the environmentally conscious architecture. As an extension of the artwork, the NFTs will be accompanied by sounds that connect to the colours and vibrancy of the Taycan.

A piece of original music was composed by Gene Shill who Porsche Cars Australia had already partnered with successfully for the launch of the Taycan in Australia earlier in the year.

Shill, who is synonymous with creating music from car engine sounds, crafted all harmonic and rhythmic textures of the music from a single Taycan power unit sound.

“The Taycan is Porsche’s first fully electric car and represents a new era in the company’s history,” said Daniel Schmollinger, Managing Director and CEO, Porsche Cars Australia.

“It is also the most digitally advanced car Porsche has ever created and we wanted to celebrate this by pushing the boundaries of traditional artwork on cars, turning inspired artwork into a digital asset. The result is the reflection of natural and modern Australia, linking heritage with the future.

Local neo-expressionist and social expressionist artist Nigel Sense’s pieces are popular amongst Porsche owners.

“My work is maps and painted lines that lead to the unknown with symbols and imagery that I have corrected on the way,” said Sense. “It's the emotional feeling of movement going from one place to another, that excitement to see what’s over the horizon. The beauty of living a life well lived.”

Selected exhibitions of the Taycan art car itself are also planned for the remainder of 2021.

This story first published on Exhaust Notes Australia.

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  • Nowt special these days if it’s just a wrap not like the BMW art car painted by hand in the old days

      1 month ago