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What happens when you're awake at 3 A.M and bored? You configure a Porsche 911 Turbo S! I have used car configurators before as I find configuring a car in my own way satisfying. There is no doubt that the Porsche configurator is probably the best car configurator out there. It gives you so many options and packages that it doesn't feel like an online car configurator, It almost feels like an experience that one would get in a Porsche showroom. Though, the only configurator that comes close to Porche's is probably Mclaren's Configurator. Mclaren too has a very good configurator If you want to try It out, but I personally prefer Porsche's. But do keep in mind that Porsche's configurator can sometimes be a headache for you as there are just way too many options for you to choose from.

The car I went with to configure is the new Porsche 911 Turbo S. I find the new 911 aesthetically so appealing that I had to configure one! I think I'm decent in configuration but there is one area where I struggle so badly and that is the interior of the car. From selecting the color of the seats to contrasting it with the whole interior, Nha, can't handle it! I just simply go for the black interior option and select the stitching as the same color as the exterior.


When it came to the color options, I was stuck between the crayon and the gentian blue metallic(how boring of me!), but went for the color crayon just because of the fact that the seat belts, the stopwatch dial in the middle of the interior and the brake calipers looked really cool in racing yellow and racing yellow also looks better with crayon than the gentian blue metallic. When it comes to the rims though, I'm not a huge fan of the rims option available for the 911 Turbo S but they are definitely not the worst! I didn't go crazy with carbon fiber all over the car as a fully loaded carbon fiber car isn't my style. I did, however, went for the lightweight carbon roof option just to add some carbon fiber to the car, and also I opted for the sports exhaust system(black tailpipes) which was slightly on the expensive side.


I'm not creative when it comes to interior options, I simply went for the black on black leather option. But the only interior option that I actually cared about was the racing yellow seatbelts and the racing yellow stopwatch dial. I had no idea how such small things could change the looks of the interior and this is definitely an interior I want in this car! But I'm sure that there are more creative people out there who can put together a better interior option.

If you feel like configuring your own 911 Turbo S or any other Porsche, feel free to check out the Porsche Configurator website and share your builds as I would love to see some creative configurations.


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  • The best game is seeing if you can double the price of the base model by ticking every option. Seeing as Porsche are the “options list gouge masters”, it’s surprisingly easy.

      5 months ago