Porsche confirm the hybrid 911 is at least 4 years away

The hybrid 911 is coming - but it won't be here for a while yet.

2y ago

While the new 911 itself may not conform to the trend of hybridisation, it is preparing for a future where the tyranny of EU laws dictates that its existence is only possible with electrical assistance. Porsche has readied themselves for this inevitability by ditching the 991’s 7-speed PDK gearbox for an 8-speed transmission - the casing for which has been designed to accommodate an electric motor.

According to the 911’s production line director August Achleitner, this hybrid 911 won’t be appearing any time soon, stating that “it will be the next evolution of this car, that means at least four years from today.”. In other words, that means the 911 will go hybrid come the 992.2 generation.

Porsche stated upon the 992’s release that they wanted to abstain from going down the hybrid path due to how the additional weight would dilute the driving experience 911’s are famed for. Even when they’re forced to commit to hybridity, they aim to make the car as performance orientated as possible - likening it to the 919 Le Mans racer rather than any hybrid they currently make.

Of course, we don’t know at this stage whether the entire range will go hybrid, or whether hybrids will be offered alongside regular models. Also, given the fact that the 8-speed PDK gearbox was only introduced due to its ability to house a hybrid motor, the introduction of hybridity across the range could result in the death of the manual gearbox for the 911. Feel free to throw up right now.

The evolution of the 911 can be measured in incremental footsteps that see it travel further and further away from its origins. And the trouble is, it’s spent the past 54 years doing just that. Is hybridity the final nail in the 911’s coffin? I’ll leave that one up to you guys to decide in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (6)

  • Good, now I know which future classic will increase in value.

      2 years ago
  • These 911 st racing in “improved production” class, Sydney ca 1970 had to run full interior trim, yet weighed 800 odd kg, with 2.3 litre engines- the hybrid 911 when it arrives, I imagine will be getting towards double that weight!

      2 years ago
  • does an automatic shift faster than i? because i am a meatbag... yes. is it anywhere near as satisfying? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

      2 years ago
  • I don’t really care if the manual dies. Evolution is inevitable. Also, if we want to see the 911 survive stricter emissions regulations, then Porsche has no choice. I’m not a purist. Good thing is, there have been more ‘classic restorations’ going on over the past few years than ever. Growth lives on.

      2 years ago
  • That is a good looking car I must say. Is it just me or does it get a bit bigger with every iteration?

      2 years ago
    • Yes, it is larger now - in terms of both size and weight.

        2 years ago