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Porsche encouraging classic service and restoration

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Porsche is serious about its Classic business. Porsche U.S. is starting its Classic Technical Certificate Program. For $500 Porsche owners will receive a 63-point inspection of their vehicle. To provide added value to its customers, owners will also receive an assessment of their Porsche included in the price.

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The service will include a comprehensive assessment of the car's current condition, they will also certify each cars original specification. Basically, your Porsches originality will be factory-verified. For collectors and Porsche aficionados this is an important service. The classic service takes place at Porsche's factory restoration workshop in Atlanta, North America.

Image Porsche AG

Porsche is providing the means to start a restoration journey. They want you to restore your car back to its original glory with original parts. This is the beginning of that journey

Image Porsche AG

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