Porsche engineers take bets on how well the new 911 GT3 will sell with a manual

"Extremely well", is probably the answer they're looking for

Porsche engineers are apparently having a blast placing bets (mostly involving wine bottles) on the new 992 and 992 GT3. In a recent interview with Autocar, Porsche GT division chief Andreas Preuninger said he believes at least 40% of GT3 customers will opt for the manual gearbox and he also added that Frank-Steffen Walliser, Head of Motorsport, believes that figure will actually be higher than that.

"We lost several bottles of wine by betting on the take rate when we reintroduced the manual option," Walliser said. "We were surprised by how high it was". Mr Walliser wouldn't provide an exact figure when the interviewer asked but it was evidently high enough because Porsche is still offering a manual option for the new 992 GT3.

The Stuttgart-based company is actually one of the few high-end brands that still use manual transmissions and, more to the point, they're adamant that they will continue to use it in the foreseeable future.

Porsche's PDK (the brand's lightning fast dual-clutch gearbox) is amazing but the company knows its customers want manuals and that's why they brought it back in 2017, when the face-lifted 991.2 GT3 was introduced.

The 992 GT3, unveiled just a couple of weeks ago, is powered by a 502-hp naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six, available with the PDK or a good old-fashioned six-speed manual. When all is said and done, this is a car you buy with your heart and that's why it makes sense to keep the manual option. I wouldn't be surprised if 1 in 2 customers (or more) decided to tick the that box on this one.

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Comments (14)

  • Any real petrol head will want a manual!!

      1 month ago
  • I hope it will do extremely well. Due to rather crappy current line from BMW, I am looking at various cars for the first time in many, many years. Porsche looks like a new favorite, a view I've already expressed in my letter to BMW AG. Best of luck to you. Porsche!

      1 month ago
  • I’d like to hope it’ll sell very well tbh

      1 month ago
  • Am I the only one whos a bit confused? Why does it come with both a manual and paddleshifters?

      1 month ago
    • Do you mean why do they have an option to make it manual?

        1 month ago
    • I think he means like in the C7 corvette, where if you buy a manual they still come with paddle shifters but instead of shifting they are used to change launch control RPM or they might be used for cruise control speed I can’t remember but it’s...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • I think he means in the picture the supposedly manual Porsche has a steering wheel with paddles on them.

      1 month ago