P​orsche expects a “very challenging third quarter“

A​nd so do VW and Audi.

6w ago

If you aren’t aware of the global semiconductor chip shortage, think of it as the automotive industry’s own version of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis is preventing many companies from producing cars at a normal rate, with some companies being hit far worse than others.

P​orsche however did not appear to be struggling whatsoever due to the crisis but now, the German automaker is running low on chips and may not be able to acquire more should they run out.

S​peaking on the issue, Alexander Seitz, VW’s brand’s chief financial officer, said: "Although there are signs that the supply bottlenecks for semiconductors are beginning to ease, we expect a very challenging third quarter from a supply perspective.”

S​o far this year, Porsche has achieved record profits and continues to unveil new cars such as the new Macan and Taycan Cross Turismo. However, Porsche will need to ensure they tackle the issue of the semiconductor chip shortage prior to Q3 of 2021 so production of their vehicles is not subjected to any form of delay.

B​MW’s European facilities have fallen victim to the global shortage. As a result of this, 10,000 vehicles cannot be fully built.

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Comments (4)

  • This is what happens when you rely on 1 or 2 suppliers for your equipment. The pandemic and weather related issues don’t help.

      1 month ago
  • Just make simple cars with less electronic BS gadgets.

    A/C, power steering and central locking is all you really need in a car

      1 month ago
    • I agree with you, but we are wrong! Most Cars that Porsche sells are SUV and luxury cars and their customers want gadgets.

        1 month ago
  • Dang, the pandemic has hurt so many people. ☹️

      1 month ago