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Porsche fully restored this Carrera GT

2w ago


As part of the Porsche Classic programme, this customer was able to receive a full restore for his Carrera GT and have it in the spec he always wanted.

We have seen cars like this be revamped by various tuning or restoration companies but nothing comes close to the level of detail that can be seen on this one by Porsche Classic.

They took this car and did exactly what the owner wanted and more. The owner specified that they wanted the car to be painted in Oak Green Metallic which is a Porsche heritage colour form the 1970s and was never originally available for the CGT. What did Porsche do? They painted it for him, but it doesn’t end there.

Along with the paint, Porsche Classic completely overhauled the wheels, resulting in gold coloured spokes to match the brake caliper writing and a pure silver coated rim ring around the wheel. This is such a stunning looking wheel which I am sure will get lots of hate as it’s a bit of a marmite spec. What do you think of the wheels?

If you thought this was enough, it wasn’t. This is only a fraction of what they did. Porsche spent 350 hours sanding all the carbon fibre parts by hand including the monocoque to ensure it had a brand new look. They have also given it controversial red leather seats and various leather touches inside.

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The car was also given a completely revamped engine, transmission and chassis components to make the car brand spanking new. It just makes you think just how expensive this would have been…. a Carrera GT clutch is already $20k…

But my god if you had the money to do something like this you would, wouldn’t you?

The car was then showed to a select few (100 people only) at the Porsche Experience Centre in Atlanta.

Porsche Classic is a way for Porsche to restore old vehicles and make them literally just like they were when they originally came out the factory. They also restore cars such as the 356,914,959,996,924,928,944,968.

So, if you’re a Porsche collector and you need your 959 restoring or changing in any way please send it here so we can all drool over it.