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Porsche goes ballistic

Porsche enters the space race.

7w ago

Now we all know of Porsche, when we hear that word we think of 911's and speedy sports cars, but now we may start thinking of rockets instead.

I say this because Porsche SE, the holdings company, has invested $75 Million in an aerospace company called 'Isar Aerospace'. The German rocket company will use the additional investment to increase the scale of production of their rocket, Spectrum.

The Spectrum rocket is different to a normal rocket because it uses 3d printing and advanced automation to reduce costs. With the reduced cost, Isar Aerospace are targeting $10,000 a kilogram, $30,000 less than the EU average cost, but still $8,600 more than SpaceX's reliable and functioning Falcon 9 rockets, but even this looks like a fortune compared to SpaceX's targeted price per KG for Starship, just 10 bucks.

The rocket would reportedly have a payload capacity of up to one tonne (21 tonnes less than Falcon 9 and 99 tones less than Starship) and it will be able to carry several small satellites.

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