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This isn't a new story, in fact a hardcore looking GT2 RS has been seen on track for around 12 months now. Often with a GT4 looking mule, pounding the laps at Monza. When I was at Rennsport Reunion VI last month, and the 935 broke cover, I did actually think that this was obviously the test mule for that car - but now I'm not so sure.

Conversation with someone at Porsche has alluded to the fact that there is still something special to come from the 991 before the 992 starts to take over. A final swan song. With the 997, we had the sublime GT3 RS 4.0, with the 991.1 we had the 911R - so maybe there is some truth in this.

PWR OEM Programs Slide

What has given this rumour even more momentum is a leaked document from PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, an Australian company with UK offices too. This internal slide was shown at their AGM last week and it lists many of the exciting projects that they are involved with – everything from the Ford GT to the Aston Valkyrie. But it's the two Porsche listings that have our attention - Porsche 935 70th Edition Track Car and Porsche GT2 CS Track Car. Both cars in production in February 2019. 77 models of the 935 (which we all know is correct) and 200 models of the GT2 CS.

You can already order a GT2 RS 'Club Sport' - the standard car coming with cage, extinguisher, etc as part of the 'Club Sport' spec - in standard or Weissach form. But when the car is listed as a 'Clubsport' - one word, not two - then that alludes to something altogether very different. Porsche last used the 'Clubsport' moniker on one of their GT cars quite recently, with the GT4 Clubsport.

The GT4 'Clubsport' is a track-only car that is homologated for GT4 racing worldwide and competes in the IMSA Continental Sportscar Challenge, along with other Club racing. So, if Porsche is allocating the 'Clubsport' moniker to the GT2 then it would strongly suggest that this new car will be a track-only weapon too. I say 'too', because that's exactly what the 935 is, which must be hugely related to this 'Clubsport'. So Porsche could be launching two cars, closely linked, that can only be used on track. Will the GT2 Clubsport be homologated for racing? One would assume so, as this is Porsche - and they are the masters of creating track-focused cars that closely link between road and race versions.

But, where will it race? Will it be a GT3 car? I can't see it, as they already have a very special GT3 car with the GT3 R. So will this be limited to run in GT4? No chance, they have a car for that too - the GT4 Clubsport. So where it could be used is open to interpretation - maybe just in Club racing? Who knows.

Porsche 993 Clubsport - they made only 20 of these!

What we do know is that this is more real now than it has been at any other time in the last 12 months. And with just 200 models being made, you have almost no chance of getting one! But they are making ten times more of the 991 than they did of the 993. Pictured above is a true 993 GT2 Clubsport that is a Club Mulholland members car, and part of our Rennsport Collective. One of just 20 cars, so compared to this car, the 991 will be mass-made!

We hope the rumours are correct Porsche... What do you think?