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Porsche GT2 RS sets new record

6w ago


Another record has been set by Porsche at the Nürburgring. A 911 GT2 RS has recorded a 6m40.33s lap. This quick lap now makes the Porsche the quickest road legal car around the Nordschleife.

To beat the record set by the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Jota (SVJ) , Porsche has returned to the Nordschleife with a Manthey-Racing, modified Porsche GT2 RS.

Image Porsche AG

The result is that Porsche now regains the Nürburgring record for the fastest car you can legally drive on public roads. The Manthey-Racing performance kit has enabled the 911 GT2 RS to fly past the finish line in 6:40.33.

Image Porsche AG

That result is a mind-blowing full seven seconds quicker than the standard GT2 RS. Watch the video to see how quick it is around the ring.

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  • I get it, but think it would be more relevant if Joe ‘Ring-meister’ Bloggs, literally took a spec’d up by the dealership motor and set a lap time. This is the equivalent of letting all 100 metre runners go nuts on the ‘roids then taking the result as bonafide. Same day, same driver, same fuel, similar tyres... 👍🏾

    1 month ago
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  • Mr James May is not happy about this news

    1 month ago
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