- Screenshot from Moores Motorsports Youtube video.

Porsche GT3 driver smokes his clutch trying to drag race a Shelby Cobra

Just a little bit embarrassing...

Sometimes people are idiots, they have a fancy piece of machinery and they don't know how to use it to the best. This Porsche GT3 driver is one of them and he smokes his clutch while trying to drag race a Shelby Cobra.

Both the cars are on the line and revving their engines. As soon as the lights turn green they go and you notice smoke from the Porsche, but not from it's exhaust. The person filming points it out straight away, "It smells like he smoked his clutch or something".

The Porsche GT3 is part of the 997.2 GT3 RS generation, it is the last Porsche GT3 to offer manual transmission, and this guy potentially ruins it. Well it might be a big bill because from the video there was a lot of smoke. You will probably guess the winner - take a look.

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Comments (26)

  • Reminds me of going to a club race at Hockenheimring. One of the classes was American Muscle cars, and there was a 427 Cobra in that Class. One of the last races was the Finally for Porsche 911's. Most the Porsches looked fairly stock, but 2 were clearly all out race cars. The race was delayed because the AMG Pace car would not start. So they borrowed the Cobra and tiewrapped a light bar to the roll hopes. When they took off for the warm up lap the noise from the Cobra drowned out the entire field of Porsches until it went round the first corner. You could feel the sound vibrating your ribs. I was standing on the pit wall watching them roll away, and everyone was shocked at the noise from the Cobra. Most heads were turned watching the pace car not the 20 Porsche 911's. Only time I have ever seen the crowd more interested in the pace car. Of course as the field came down the front straight to start the race and the Cobra was pulling in the pit lane it was a little different story. The Cobra was off throttle going slow, and those 2 race cars went by well over 200KMH at full throttle, followed by 18 other 911's in various levels of tune. Nothing like some Heavy Metal V8 followed by a sweat full orchestra of German Tuned boxers.

      1 year ago
  • The worst part about this video, other than the Porsche drivers lack of skill, is the fact they didn't turn the music down. Who sees those two line up and start revving and doesn't immediately drop all four windows and return the radio off?

      1 year ago
  • I smoked the clutch in my 996 drag racing a young man I know from the gym who drives an obnoxiously modded hot dodge neon. I chalk it up to really good traction. I still beat him too, so worth it kinda.

      1 year ago
  • Rip

    My uncle had a 2014 Shelby GT500 that thing was so loud that it jump scared me whenever he cold started it

      1 year ago
  • Next time, don't drag race a muscle car, and you will spare your clutch. 🤣

      1 year ago