Porsche has found some expensive problems with the 911, 718 Cayman & Boxster

It looks like a few recalls are in order...

1w ago

Modern cars go wrong, that's just a fact of life. Whether it's a high-end supercar or a mass-produced family hatchback, things happens and that's okay. Porsche has just realised it has a few issues with the 911, 718 Cayman and Boxster and are addressing them immediately.

Firstly, the issue concerning the 911 isn't too major. It was thought to be a screw connection on the rear upper control arm that may not have been correctly tightened. However this isn't the case, and it has instead been identified as a software failure of the screwdriver on the assembly line.

Thankfully, this has already been corrected, meaning only seven units have been affected, which include the 2019 Speedster and 2020 models of the Carrera S, 4S Coupes and the Carrera S Cabriolet. This recall is set to be on May 23rd.

As for the 718 Cayman and Boxster, it is a slightly bigger issue. A second recall was announced by the NHTSA which affects more vehicles, with 190 units estimated to be affected including the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, the GT4, Boxster GTS 4.0, and Spyder.

The issue here is to do with the engine's connecting rods, which may loosen as they were not made according to specification. This recall is also expected to begin on May 23rd.

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Comments (7)

  • Whoops

      13 days ago
  • Perhaps fanboys should’ve stopped moaning about the 4 cylinder 718. Because it seems it’s only the flat 6 models that are having issues.

      12 days ago
  • I thought there was a major issue with the drive shaft of the original boxsters. But there were too many of them to do a recall on?

      12 days ago
  • "connecting rod made not according to specification"

    It's 1202 already and there's still this kind of error in mass production.

      12 days ago