Porsche has taken its Le Mans car to one of the most beautiful public roads ever

50w ago


In terms of bucket list roads to drive, Highway 1 in California (otherwise known as Pacific Coast Highway) has to be right up there. Skirting along America's western coastline and through the cities of San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles, the road has plenty of smooth twists and turns that open up views of the ocean that you simply wouldn't believe.

Porsche is obviously a big fan of the road and has shipped its 919 Tribute LMP car there for a bit of an on-road blast. This car has been to all corners of the globe to celebrate the end of its Le Mans-dominating era but this will probably be the best driving road it encounters on its travels.

This looks like the most insane early morning hoon ever

San Francisco is well known for its mist, which appears to be clearing a path for the 919. How thoughtful.

Although it has a dainty little 'tribute' emblem written on its shark fin, this is the 919 Evo, the car that completely obliterated the Nürburgring lap record at the hands of Neel Jani. It's an LMP1 car with all the rules blown apart, adding downforce, power and outright lunacy in all areas.

What makes the 919 cool as an endurance racer is its powertrain which exemplifies the range of technology that once existed in the top tier of Le Mans racing. It is powered predominantly by a twin turbocharged V4 engine which is then supplemented by a hybrid system.

And in Evo tune, this de-headlighted beast will send a mix of 1160 combustion and electric brake horsepowers to all four wheels.

It's infinitely functional as a racing car but would you class the 919 as pretty?

If these unbelievable stills aren't good enough for you, check out the video that Porsche has put together of this epic journey which, of course, is narrated by none other than Le Mans legend Derek Bell.

Seeing this car on the public road got me thinking – if you could road trip a Le Mans winner from through the years, which one would you pick? Cast your vote below!

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