- N​ever saw it coming.

Porsche has teased with two flying concepts

A​ Porsche takes flight?

1y ago

We have seen it fly on the track, but not ACTUALLY fly. W​hen someone mentions Porsche, it's not out of the ordinary to think flat-six, 400hp German beast, because that is what we expect. Porsche has been producing cars for 70 + years now, and that is how it has been, right? If you just said right, you're wrong. Very wrong.

A​t first, it was Boeing.

B​oeing does not have the greatest track record lately, per se. With the 737 Max disasters, that affected their stock pretty badly. As it turns out, Porsche collaborated with Boeing to create an out of this world type of concept car (but is it a car? It looks like if a 918 had wings).

L​ooks pretty cool

L​ooks pretty cool

B​ut that's not all!

Y​ou're probably thinking, that's pretty cool, but what about the spaceship? Not just yet, Karen. There are two more concept CarPlanes, and they're quite shocking. This one has bigger wings and looks more like a 911.



C​onsidered "sexy", this... car(?) will be expensive. Judging by the fact that a 3-inch long 992 Carrera 4S model car is almost $100, this could cost you an excess of around ten million dollars (7,645,550.00 pounds, or 8,995,700.00 euros). The driving (or flying, someone needs to tell me if it is a plane or car!!) experience, like any other Porsche ever, will be extravagant, especially at ~400+ miles per hour. Seeing the slightest objects whiz by could be very fun but it does make you wonder if you could refuel this at a Union 76.

T​he short-awaited LucasFilms-Porsche spaceship has arrived

​Porsche's thrilled, believe it or not. They were so utterly amazed that they felt the need to put it on their website

Y​ou just can't make this stuff up.

Y​ou just can't make this stuff up.

Y​eah, they did this. Is it gloating? Maybe. Is it for attention? Probably. I personally think that it is cool, almost as cool as their self driving car patent.​ If this was actually developed, there aren't any practical uses along the lines of racing that it can be used for.

T​he Verdict

I​ think that it is cool. Would I buy one? Ha, no. If you want to fly rather than drive, that's on you. The probability of it being commercially available is quite slim, so for me, it's one of those things that are cool, but I'd never get one. And if they do make them, that would be cool, and a big step forward in automotive history.

W​ould you get one if they made them? Tell me in the comment section below!

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Comments (13)

  • I like Porsches and I like planes so, yes, I would love to see it happen. Sadly, if it ever does it will be too expensive for me but a guy can dream, right?

      1 year ago
  • Do you care for the flying cars? @tribe

      1 year ago
  • This has no more foot in reality than fully self driving cars.

    We will never see either of these in our lifetime!

      1 year ago
  • And Porsche goes this way

      1 year ago
  • Flying cars as we imagine them will never happen. Period

      1 year ago