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Porsche have a new plan and it is about continuing the classics

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Porsche are very Passionate about the tradition or heritage of their brand. As to are their owners. With Porsche on the cusp of a new phase in their motoring history with the EV Taycan, they have made it clear that their classic roots will not be forgotten.

Looking back at this years 70th year celebrations, Porsche's planned events and launches reflect that plan. That is Porsche has a new strategy. What is the future plan about, well it is about the classics. Is it about helping their passionate customers recommission their existing cars. It is about keeping Porsche history and the original cars alive and well.

Porsche's new plan is about continuing the classics

This continuation program is not a restomod or a restored Porsche. Other companies like Singer Vehicle design successfully produce those cars. I guess what Porsche are doing is more like a replica, using all new classic parts. Their first example of what they could do with a 911 was "Project Gold", the recently auctioned 993 Turbo. What you end up with is an authorised continuation of a 911 - all approved and completed by Porsche

Porsche Models introduced and reintroduced

Porsche has had a busy year.

This year for the 70th Anniversary celebrations they have introduced the 911 Speedster, the track only 935 (based on the GT2 RS) and continued and recommissioned various Porsches. Not to mentioned the EV Taycan and all the new 991.2 variants launched such as the GT3, GT3 RS, Carrera T and GT2 RS.

What interests me the most is the direction Porsche are showing for the classics. Project Gold being the most publicised, but there are also the 20 specially restored and unique Porsches that will be on display (and for auction) in the UK early next month. Porsche are showing us during their anniversary year that they are serious about continuing the classics.

Image Auto Classics

How serious? Well, Porsche have worked closely with an original owner of a Carrera GT in the U.S. After ten years he decided the car need to be reimagined so to speak. His completed car has been on display at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, and is the first ever factory recommissioned Carrera GT completed by Porsche. I think there will be many more projects like this in the future where Porsche and Porsche owners work together to create a something unique.

First factory recommissioned Carrera GT (Image credit olivergarage Instagram)

This in my opinion forms the basis of their new strategy. I think there will be many more continuation projects like this in the future where Porsche and owners worked together to recreate their Porsche. This plan also ties in with the expansion of Porsche Classic Centres globally. These centres will be needed to support and possibly help produce these projects.

With their EV program and near future launches, the successful GT cars, and now the classics program it certainly will be an interesting time to come for Porsche. All echoing that Porsche seems to be going from strength to strength in the future but without ignoring the past.

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