Porsche have seized over $60 million worth of counterfeit parts and merch

5w ago


You have heard of fake watches, fake clothing and even fake cars. But have you ever heard of fake Porsche parts? Well, they are a thing and companies are making millions off of them.

These fake Porsche parts range anywhere from wheels to lights to even badges. It turns out people will go out of their way to purchase counterfeit Porsche products instead of buying real ones directly from Porsche themselves. Yes, Porsche charges an extortionate amount for its products but this is because they're well built.

Due to this being an ever growing issue, Porsche have had to set up a team to try and seize all of these fake items. The department is called the 'Brand Protection Team' and their job find and stop the selling of these products. A bit like 21 Jump Street only less drugs and more plugs.

"Porsche owners should be able to enjoy their vehicles for as long as possible. That is why genuine, high-quality spare parts are so important," Porsche says.

This is a problem if these fake parts go wrong, as it is not Porsche's fault.

According to Porsche's brand protection team, they have seized around 200,000 items with a value close to $68 million (£56 million). This is a big problem for Porsche, especially if there are this many items floating around. Porsche claim that the majority of these counterfeit parts come from rural China and appear on websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. As well as actual car parts, Porsche have also found branded merch such as T-shirts, baseball caps, sunglasses, and key fobs.