P​orsche honours its best Audi

S​oon to become one of the most sought after station wagons ever

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The Audi RS6 carries a mammoth 591hp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that also does duty in the Porsche Panamera. While one could thank the VW parent group for allowing cross-sharing of components, the 90s saw these two firms co-developed a car together.

To everyone’s surprise, it was a station wagon called the RS2. And unlike the modern-day RS6, the Audi saw a considerable amount of tweaks by Porsche mechanics. The documentation to pinpoint everything is scarce, but Porsche came up with a celebratory video to commemorate the uniqueness of the wagon.

Michael Holscher, head of the RS2 project at Porsche, discusses developing the RS2 with Ralf Friese, a corporate historian at Audi. “Right from the start, the aim was to integrate technology, styling, and elements from Porsche into this car,” said Holscher.

Porsche components such as the brake system complete with red callipers, Porsche-styled exterior mirrors and even tweaks to the gearing were installed to this Audi. This station wagon got a unique 2.2-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine putting out 311hp and carrying Porsche inscriptions on the lid above. Even though the output was just 311hp, almost half of today’s RS6, it was still capable of sprinting from 0-30mph faster than a McLaren F1. Furthermore, at its 1994 debut, the Audi RS2 was the quickest wagon in the world!

Just 2,891 units of the Audi RS2 were manufactured, making it quite rare and an almost certain future collectable. Though a second-hand RS2 can be picked up for about $70,000, the forthcoming years could see it go over ten times that. Old-school relics are hard to come by, and a fast station wagon carrying two of the biggest automotive badges is undoubtedly an undervalued jewel.

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  • I've worked on one or two of those and an S2 coupe 😎

    Very very cool, I do wonder if the owners of the ones I worked still own them 😉

      1 month ago