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Porsche is again testing what appears to be a hardcore 'RS' 718 Cayman GT4

This car looks insane!

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The 718 Cayman is mainly known as the GT3 RS's younger sibling as it's basically really just a smaller version of it. But this is version is no pixie, this is a car with big attitude. It is rumoured that Porsche is creating an 'RS' version of the 718 Cayman GT4 (which was already a pretty insane car) and it turns out that those rumours could be true as, on the Nurburgring earlier today a new fast version of the 718 Cayman GT4 could be seen having a blast round the world renowned race track. Some new additions to this RS Cayman are blanks plates, which could mean that the Cayman could potentially be getting wing-mounted air outlets very similar to the one of the Cayman's big brother, the GT3 RS.

Picture: AutoCar

Picture: AutoCar

This is a step into the unknown for Porsche as a GT4 RS has been until recently, unknown to us all but you probably could imagine one with tons of power and a silky smooth engine which actually makes a really loud noise (which would act as the owners radio, if you're a car guy that is.)

The last car did have a reasonably big 4.0-litre Flat Six which could suggest that this time round we could be introduced to a new spin off from Porsche. I definitely hope so as I reckon it will still be a Flat Six (as most porsches are) but a bigger one. I think it's probably going to be a 3.0 litre or a 4.0 litre but equally we could have a new engine such as a V8. it would be nice to have a V8 introduced to Porsche. Although it has never been heard of before, it would be pretty cool to have one.

Picture: AutoCar

Picture: AutoCar

I think making a anything more than a 4.0 litre engine would be crazy as Porsche have stated that they want it to have a relatively small engine which is light but they have stressed there could be a few issues with this as it's a small-volume car. They have said as well that it is highly unlikely there is going to be an all-electric version. Porsche have said that they believe the car would perform better on a track than an electric hypercar which is totally understandable really.

However on the upside of electric car fans, Porsche have said they are willing to extend their engine choices by adding hybrids into their family of naturally aspirated family of GTs. But for now it looks like we will not be seeing an all electric 718 Cayman GT4 RS coming any time soon. But for those who really want an all-electric Porsche definitely check out the Porsche Taycan and its endless customisation.

Porsche Taycan on the Porsche Official UK website

Porsche Taycan review by AutoCar

But now back to the Cayman...

Picture: AutoCar

Picture: AutoCar

I really hope we get an exciting new Cayman soon. But for now the future is uncertain as to whether this car will ever be released to the public. It would also be interesting to see how this thing performs because Porsche's are known for good handling as well as good build quality and are generally all round good cars. I don't think - however - this car will be very popular amongst the tuner community e.g LB Works or ABT. But I would really love to see this in real life and be able to experience what it is really like. Personally I think this car is going to have around 450-500 BHP as Porsche have commented that it's a small volume car so they can't fit a huge engine in it.

What do you think of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS idea?

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  • I think Porsche has to be careful that it doesn’t overshadow the lesser 911 models

      28 days ago
    • Yes it does as it's what they are most famous for really!

        28 days ago
    • I don't understand why they should be careful of making a better car on a better platform. Mid engine will just be better, the 911 is excellent in it's current form. I drove a GT3 at the track a few weeks ago and it was epic!! All I can say is if you...

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        27 days ago