Porsche Is Being Investigated For Cheating With Petrol Engines

The German transport authority confirms that they have initiated an investigation into further suspected emission fraud at Porsche.

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It's a GIF. If necessary, refresh the page to experience its brilliance.

In 2015, a giant emission-manipulating tangle began to unravel. The Volkswagen Group admitted that they had cheated with eleven million diesel cars to make them show lower emissions of nitrogen oxides than they actually emitted. Porsche, which is part of the group, was also involved in the cheating and was sentenced as recently as last year to just over SEK 5.7 billion in fines.

A new investigation into cheating at Porsche has now been initiated, this is confirmed by both the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA, German Transport Authority) and Porsche for the German media. According to Porsche, they have informed the authority that they have found suspected irregularities in internal investigations. A KBA spokesperson says that this is a possible cheat with emissions of petrol engines manufactured for the European market before 2017. Emission manipulation of petrol engines can extend as far back as 2008 and mainly affects the models 911 and Panamera.

911 and Panamera are the two models that are mainly affected by the suspected cheating with petrol engines. This involves both software and hardware manipulation. Among other things, hundreds of thousands of emails from the car manufacturer testify that irregularities with the emissions of petrol engines have taken place.


Porsche has announced that the current model program is not affected by the suspected cheating and that the company takes the matter seriously by assisting the authorities with what is required.

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