Porsche is coming out with a 6-cylinder 718 Boxster and Cayman

1w ago


In today's world it's down right impossible to keep things a secret. With the adoption of cell phones, blazing fast internet and instant uploads, car testing is plastered all over the web for everyone to see. And 9 times out of 10, that car comes to market. See: the new Supra, NSX, C8 Corvette, and a bevy of others. We knew about them months if not years before they were unveiled to the public.

Well, it's happened again and this time it's Porsche doing the testing and us giving us the benefit of knowing something well ahead of time: the 718 Boxster and Cayman are getting Porsche's glorious flat-6.

Since the 718 models supplanted the previous generation, all we've been given is a 4-cylinder engine. That one is good, but it's not a Porsche 6-cyl. We all know those are fantastic.

The eagle eyes over at Jalopnik spotted the new one lapping the Nurburgring (because where else would a Germany company test their cars?). The pictures show the car in near production form and while there's no video it was reported to have the distinct flat-6 sound.

Image Via SB Medien

From the image you can see a revised exhaust layout that is different to the hero shot in at the top of this article. This next version of the 718s should be the "touring" trim, similar to the GT3 touring and will live between the basic versions and the GT4. The shots show upgraded wheels and brakes, same as the GT3 touring from the other 911s. This thing will be a mid-engined, flat-6 Porsche? Yes please, I'll take seven. Can't wait to see this come to market ASAP!