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Porsche just made a maritime mansion

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Gone are the days when Porsche was a company restricted to cars, coffee cups, lame hats, or furniture. We now live in an age where Porsche, with the help of Royal Falcon Fleets, are producing boats. Or, more accurately, maritime mansions.

The boat in question is called the Royal Falcon 1, and as one would expect from a sports car manufacturer's nautical experiment, the boat is quite extravagant, with a length of 135 ft, and a catamaran design, which allows the mansion-on-the-sea to have a square-footage equal to that of a 210-foot, traditional yacht.

Camper & Nicholsons

The project took 10 years in total, and was a collaborative effort among three brands: Porsche, Royal Falcon Fleets, and Kockums- the actual builders of the yacht, who worked long and hard to perfect the white exoskeleton, and build jacuzzi's on the outside, as well as the interior, which is fitted with a bar, a communal area, five beds, and bathrooms.

To power all that weight, are two rear-mounted 2300 hp engines, but even with that propulsion, the Royal Falcon One remains the slowest Porsche-built, motorized machine of their 2019 roster, although it won't be sold by the Stuttgart-based brand.

Instead, to purchase this boat, you'll be forking out a check to Camper & Nicholson- and a hearty check it will be, as the Falcon 1 doesn't have a listed price, and is sold only to applicants who are deemed worthy. And, I can assure you, you're not worthy.

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  • Stop showing us stuff we can’t afford :(:(:(:(:(:(

    18 days ago
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  • 1st Porsche to handle like a boat, I guess

    16 days ago


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