Porsche macan in morocco

2y ago


My friends over at GTspirit.com asked me if I wanted to go to Morocco and do a photo story of the Porsche Macan at some Point. Hell yes, I wanted to do that! A week later I found myself in a chartered plane on my way to the desert. Arrived there and got the keys to a almost-black Porsche Macan. IT LOOKED SO GOOD.

We directly started in the direction of the Atlas Mountains, where we thought, would the best scenery for getting some money shots be. I guess we were right!

after one-and-a-half days our time was over, we returned a, lets say, not clean anymore, Porsche Macan and got straight to the airport.

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Comments (4)
  • Stunning photography and the Macan Turbo certainly doesn't look black anymore! :-)

    1 year ago
  • Beautiful photos!

    1 year ago


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