Porsche make a video on how to pronounce Taycan

Even before its release, you've been saying it wrong

2y ago

Porsche's first fully electric car was given its name earlier in 2018. The previously named 'Mission E' was officially named the 'Taycan.' It had a fairly good response and pretty much everyone felt familiar with the pronunciation similar to 'taken.'

However, Porsche like to throw a curve ball every now and again. They previously put the age-old debate to bed of how 'Porsche' is actually pronounced:

So, what better way to make us feel stupid again than releasing the official video of how to pronounce 'Taycan.'

Here it is in all its glory:

How silly do you feel now. It was pronounced 'Tie-con' all along.

There is a bit of back story with the name's origin though. According to Porsche, 'A name that fulfils every phonetic, legal, creative, strategic, and model-specific requirement. Composed of two terms of Turkic origin, this word can be roughly translated as “soul of a spirited young horse.”

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