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3y ago

Every Wednesday, I publish a vote to my tribe that takes place between two cars. These cars are usually bitter rivals - but over the last 3 weeks, I’ve held polls between cars that are attached along legendary bloodlines. Those polls have been fought between the Porsche 918 and the Porsche Carrera GT, the McLaren P1 and the McLaren F1, and the LaFerrari and the Ferrari Enzo. 

The votes I hold aren't there to find out which car people think is best - their purpose is and always will be to determine which car people prefer. I find it fascinating to discover which car speaks to people on an emotional level better. And it’s precisely because my votes are aimed to be waged via the illogical mystery of passion that the results from the passed three aforementioned polls look like this… 

Looking at the results individually is interesting, but not nearly as interesting as looking at them collectively. Progress is an inevitability. And the majority of the time, that is a sad reality. Not from a tangible perspective, but from an emotional one. People don’t love cars because it makes sense, people love them for reasons the limited medium of words simply doesn’t have the power to explain. And in this perpetual saga of passing evolution, staring the frequently morose inevitability of progress directly in its aloof and callous eyes, it appears Ferrari are mastering the art of progress on an intangible level better than their competition. 

The way I judge cars has always come down to one thing and one thing only: how I feel about them. I can evaluate all of their capabilities and be awestruck by them, but if a car’s soul fails to connect with mine, then I have no desire for it. The flip side to that is another phenomenon of prioritising emotional connection over everything else: yearning for cars that aren’t particularly impressive in any regard, but are dripping with all the ineffable qualities that car makers can’t deliberately engineering into their machines. 

So then, perhaps the more immediate future isn’t full of dread and despair. Perhaps there is something rather heartening to be found charging out of the gates of Maranello. All I know is, by the time these questions are answered, it’ll be too late to savour the here and now.

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  • I find the polls very good. It's democracy. Democracy is good.

      3 years ago